Neal Reed Artist Management Services

Neal Reed Artist Management Services, Midwest Region. Website:

Contact: Elder Eddie W. Sykes, Jr. Senior Manager, Detroit Office. Direct: 313-205-3464.



  • Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed. (Oakland, California USA) Presiding Prelate, IALWC, International Assembly of Living Way Christians. Theologian, Artist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Filmmaker, Publisher, Producer. Author.
  • Bishop Jasmine Guy. (Cleveland, Ohio USA) Founder and President, CWNSMI, Christian Women’s Network Support Ministries International. Theologian, Evangelist, Master Tutor, Activist.
  • Apostle Dr. Lueginia Adams Harris. (Pontiac, Michigan USA) Founding and Senior Pastor, Glorious Way Full Gospel Word Church, Pontiac, MI. Prophet, Evangelist, Cantor, Activist.
  • Carolyn Cumbus. (Pontiac, Michigan USA) Gospel Singer, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist.
  • Minister ILka Johnson.

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