Gospel Rap and Gospel Hip Hop … messages worth hearing

Elder Eddie W. Sykes, Jr., General Manager, Neal Reed Artist Management Services, Midwest Region, Detroit Office. Contact: 313-205-3464. Email: esykes.nealreed@gmail.com. Website: https://nealreed3.wordpress.com/

Detroit – January 9, 2010 – When the first gospel singers uttered songs that differed dramatically in beat, tempo, tonal structure and subject from the traditional Christian hymns, sounding more like African folk songs and blues, than church music,  congregations were  agasht. When electric instruments were introduced as part of the church orchestra, pastors took sides pro and con, and in some instances, electric guitars were banned. Now, barely a church choir sings without one or more electrical instruments.

And then the doors to the Church were thrown wide open. In came awave of young people and with them hip hop gospel and gospel rap music. While the debate over the legitimacy of the genre has raged for some twenty years, it is evident that the content of  gosple hip hop, and gospel rap music has made an indellible mark on the church world as well as the world of music, and is here to stay.

Why? Because the message resonates with its audience — young people between the ages of 12 and 35 who are searching and seeking God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and are looking for guideposts on that journey that they can relate to and understand. While there is little in the beloved Baptist or Presbyterian hymnal that captures the experience of an urban youngster, the lyrics of today’s gospel rap artists paint clear pictures regarding the pitfalls of sin. Thankfully, we know that young people are listening.

2 responses to “Gospel Rap and Gospel Hip Hop … messages worth hearing

  1. I give all the glory to God,who is the head off my life forever and a day.” I can do all thing threw Christ that strengthens me”.i been singing since i was a little girl and it is only god that that i met Elder reed walking home from work and he said to me,Do you sing?I on a misson for the lord.I wrote 5 songs the next two days ,the lord just gave me the words to write and i than god for that and i look forward to working with you all.

  2. Alot of the African American house holds grew up with no father and a half of a mother weather it be because she was mentallly ill or her child hood was so messed up and she may not know how to raise her own children,or that the enemy was just on assignment to kill still and destroy.I thank god that even in the mist of a storm my mother protected me and believed in me untill her death.I still have people in my life that believe in me,i hold no grudges i only pray and ask god to keep me and guide me.as a saved person we go threw so much i dont even have to explain just all together under attack and still God is good no friends and no food no one to trust and still god is good,I thank god for the holy ghost and my Pastor Micheal T Martin of Gospel Tabernacle Greenfield Between 7 and 8 mile….God is good Glory to god he is still good!!!!!!

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