Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed to deliver keynote address in Atlanta, at Transforming Lives! International Christian Religious Conference, Sat, April 24, 2010.





7:00pm EST., Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sheraton Ballroom, Sheraton Galleria Hotel, Cobb Parkway

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta, Georgia USA – Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed, presiding prelate of the International Assembly of Living Way Christians (IALWC), will deliver the keynote address to an international gathering of Christian clerics during Covenant of Peace Evangelistic Ministries’ North American meeting, Transforming Lives! International Christian Women’s Conference, on Saturday, April 24, 2010, at the Sheraton Galleria Hotel, 2844 Cobb Parkway, SE., Atlanta, Georgia.

Having worked in municipal, county, and state government, politics, higher education, the non-profit sector, the arts, television, industry and private enterprise, Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed has helped thousands of people achieve their individual, organizational, institutional and corporate goals.

Comments by Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed:

“I have been conducting a survey for the last forty-two years. The survey only has three questions. The first question is “In a perfect world, in your perfect world, if you could be doing anything you wanted to be doing, what would that be? The second question is, “Are you doing it?” And, in ninety nine percent of cases, the third question is, “Why not?” Ecclesiastically speaking, “Do you know what God’s purpose is for you?”

When a man says to himself, “I can’t” ultimately, he won’t and doesn’t.  When a woman says “I can’t,” she lowers her self expectation, and the expectations of her children and their children. Collectively these negative attitudes doom for generations whole families, neighborhoods, communities and nations.”

“When I think of overwhelming obstacles, the number one reason most people do not achieve their highest goals is because they actually believe that they cannot do what they would like to do. Built-in failure and self-doubt take its toll. In theological terms, self-doubt is a stronghold which can only be broken through the overcoming faith in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.”

It’s easy to preach “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.”  And it matters little how fervently you preach it, or how resoundingly you believe it. But if you never take up a challenge that exceeds your own strength and abilities, you are never called to that place where your faith walk must carry you over and beyond your own limitations. Trusting in God is still a theory for you, and an untested theory, at that.”

“I can always tell the folk who have been delivered from a seemingly impossible situation. They have had a personal experience with God and they know it. They are forever changed. They lead transformed lives. They are born again. Most folk don’t want to be transformed, because somewhere deep in their DNA they know that to be transformed means they will have to go through some kind of impossible situation. They will have to have an experience beyond their comfort zone or capacities. You are not really going to come face to face with God sitting on the couch. Not unless you are near death on the couch.”

“When church and religious leaders set their expectations lower than what God has charged us with doing, no progress is made. Particularly in times when the normal cycles of development have run their course, and innovation, vision and leadership . . . thinking outside of the box, adventure, risking taking, boldness and holiness are what is called for. That’s when God’s people are in their element. Suppose the men who said “the world is flat” had prevailed to this day.”

“On the matter of the role of Christian women in transforming the lives of their families, communities and the nations, God has much to say and is making His desire known through the large number of women being called to ministry even as we speak. The contributions of the patriarchy to the advancement of God’s Kingdom have been substantial. Men have done all that they can do in advancing God’s plan for mankind. God is now calling upon women, as He always has, to equally take up the cross, and bear witness to the transforming wonders He has in store for us.”

“While it can be petrifying to experience the full vision God has in store for you and yours, and is particularly fantastic to behold given the mundane state of the daily lives of most people, God means not to petrify you but to transform you so as to experience His full purpose for you, our heavenly inheritance.”

“When God transforms individual lives, he transforms families. When families are transformed, neighborhoods, communities, cities, states and nations are transformed. Christian women have a decidedly distinct role to play in God’s transforming processes. When Christ first rose from the dead transformed, first among those to whom God revealed the Gospel and gave the charge to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations were women.  Nothing has changed to this day. We are still charged with proclaiming the Gospel. We are still charged with holy living. Nothing in the calendar date or our circumstances or locations excuses us from these calls upon our lives as placed there by God. How must we equip ourselves to go forward? From where do we draw strength to pursue a purpose greater than what we desire for ourselves?   How do we know its God’s plan and not ours? ”

According to Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed, “I can always tell when God wants me to do something. I will need His resources and His miracles to get the job done. My resources alone are always inadequate to the task. Without Christ I am nothing. But with Him all things are possible. Come to Atlanta and, through Christ, be transformed.”

About the Conference:

The Transforming Lives! International Christian Women’s Conference is produced and hosted by Dr. Judy Johnson, an apostolic evangelist, whose international evangelism for Christ has taken her to every continent on the globe. Dr. Johnson is the founder and senior pastor of Covenant of Peace Evangelistic Ministries.

Transforming Lives! International Christian Women’s Conference convenes on Friday, April 23, and closes on Sunday, April 25, 2010. Other speakers include Pastor Linda York, of Detroit, Michigan, and Pastor Beverly Andrews, of Brooklyn, New York.

For additional information, contact the IALWC Archdiocese Office of Media Relations. Call 510-435-2329.

For additional information about Covenant of Peace Evangelistic Ministries, in Alpharetta, Georgia, call 678-521-6623, or 770-912-6688.

The Sheraton Galleria Hotel, 2844 Cobb Parkway, SE., Atlanta, Georgia USA, is the official conference hotel of Transforming Lives! International Christian Women’s Conference. Hotel reservations may be made at special conference rates by calling the Sheraton Galleria Hotel at 770-955-3900.

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