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COMPOSERS UPDATE from Neal Reed Worldwide, Music Publishers. 

How NRW determines Music Genres. 

Neal Reed Worldwide (NRW) publishes original music created by composers who produce music in every genre. Additionally, in collaboration with our artists, NRW is helping to define new categories of music. For assistance with your original music project, contact Neal Reed Worldwide subsidiary KFNR Music Producers, Oakland, California USA.

As part of our music publishing administrative services provided to composers, Neal Reed Worldwide registers tracks and albums with with the various industry tracking and reporting services, which officially track  the sale of music for the music industry worldwide. NRW uses generally accepted classifications and definitions from Soundscan, RIAA and Billboard, and uses industry best practices and its own database-assigned definitions in consultation with the creators of original music to determine the genre of each track published by Neal Reed Worldwide.

Alternative – Rock songs by artists…

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