Neal Reed US welcomes Singer Songwriter Rita McCree

Singer Songwriter Rita McCree

Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed to speak at Atlanta and Cleveland.

IALWC Archdiocese – March 10, 2010 – Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed,  senior pastor of Living Way Christian Church, presiding prelate of the International Assembly of Living Way Christians, and President of Neal Reed Artist Management Services, a division of Neal Reed IPHC Worldwide, today announced two public appearances in North America for the Spring, in Atlanta, Georgia, and Cleveland, Ohio USA.

Archbishop Reed is the keynote speaker on Saturday, April 24, 2010, for the Transforming Lives International Christian Women’s Conference (April 23-25,2010), hosted by Dr. Judy Johnson and Covenant of Peace Evangelistic Ministries, at the Sheraton Galleria, 2844 Cobb Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. For conference registration information, contact Candace McNabb, at 770-955-3900. 

The second event is the annual CWNSMI Mothers’ Day Breakfast, Saturday, May 8, 2010, in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Skyline Hotel in Independence. For additional information, contact CWNSMI Founder and host Bishop Jasmine Guy, 216-496-7784. CWNSMI, Christian Women’s Network Support Ministries International is a ministry of the International Assembly of Living Way Christians. Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed is the International Vice President of CWNSMI. These two appearances are Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed’s only public appearances in North America during the Spring of 2010. For additional information regarding Archbishop Reed’s public appearance schedule, please contact Elder Eddie Sykes, Neal Reed Artist Management Services. Other speakers scheduled to appear at the CWNSMI Conference include Apostle Dr. Luegenia Harris, founding pastor of Glorious Way Full Gospel Word Church, Pontiac, Michigan; Dr. Carol Ann White, Detroit, Michigan; Reverend Myra Kerr, Associate Minister, Sanctuary Baptist Church, Cleveland; Reverend Courtney Clayton Jenkins, First Lady, Historic Shiloh Baptist Church, Cleveland; Minister Linda Carr-Whitehead, Mount Zion of Oakwood, Ohio. The event is expected to be filmed for television broadcast later in the year.

Composer Tony Rolfe “Modena” signs with Neal Reed Artist Management

Oakland, California – January 18, 2010 — IALWC Newswire -//- Composr, guitarist, lyricist, vocalist Tony Sylvester Rolfe, also known as Tony Modena, has signed a three year artist management agreement with Neal Reed Artist Management Services. Modena composes gospel music, r&b and hip hop, effectively creating contemporary songs across multiple genres. A native of Chicago, Illinois, who makes his home in Detroit, Michigan, Modena has been composing, arranging and performing for more than a decade.

According to Neal Reed chairman Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed, “Mr. Modena composes beautifully melodic songs with lyrics that touch the heart. We look forward to releasing his catalog of over 150 songs. Mr. Modena is a prolific and expert craftsman. He plays a classic Gibson guitar, and is a serious composer dedicated to his craft.”

For additional information please contact Neal Reed Artist Management Services, 510-435-2329.

Gospel Rap and Gospel Hip Hop … messages worth hearing

Elder Eddie W. Sykes, Jr., General Manager, Neal Reed Artist Management Services, Midwest Region, Detroit Office. Contact: 313-205-3464. Email: Website:

Detroit – January 9, 2010 – When the first gospel singers uttered songs that differed dramatically in beat, tempo, tonal structure and subject from the traditional Christian hymns, sounding more like African folk songs and blues, than church music,  congregations were  agasht. When electric instruments were introduced as part of the church orchestra, pastors took sides pro and con, and in some instances, electric guitars were banned. Now, barely a church choir sings without one or more electrical instruments.

And then the doors to the Church were thrown wide open. In came awave of young people and with them hip hop gospel and gospel rap music. While the debate over the legitimacy of the genre has raged for some twenty years, it is evident that the content of  gosple hip hop, and gospel rap music has made an indellible mark on the church world as well as the world of music, and is here to stay.

Why? Because the message resonates with its audience — young people between the ages of 12 and 35 who are searching and seeking God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and are looking for guideposts on that journey that they can relate to and understand. While there is little in the beloved Baptist or Presbyterian hymnal that captures the experience of an urban youngster, the lyrics of today’s gospel rap artists paint clear pictures regarding the pitfalls of sin. Thankfully, we know that young people are listening.

Composers and Lyricists are welcome at Neal Reed Artist Management Services

Detroit, Mi – January 8, 2010 – Composers and lyricists interested in a publishing royalty agreement leading to worldwide distribution of your work, may schedule a telephone interview and listening session with Artist Management representative Eddie W. Sykes, Jr, general manager of the Midwest regional office of Neal Reed Artist Management Services.

According to Mr. Sykes, “January is an excellent time to get your new year off on the right track. I am interested in listening to your original musical compositions, if you think they have commercial potential. I can generally schedule a listening conference with any composer who has a completed project (10 or more songs), a bio and a photograph.” Interested talented composers and lyricists may contact Mr. Sykes by sending an email to, or by calling the number listed below: 313-205-3464. Artists west of the Mississippi River can, contact Mr. Sykes at the West Coast offices, at 510-435-2329.