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The following composers, producers, artists and labels are represented and distributed globally to 243 countries on the NealReedWorldwide-Orchard-Sony platform, and other platforms, networks, galleries, stores and channels.

Highlight an artist name and search to discover their creative works.

  • Archbishop Cheryle Lisa Neal Reed (BMI), Publisher, Composer, Producer
  • Cheryle Neal Reed (BMI), Composer, Producer, Musician
  • Anointed Miranda Boston (BMI), Composer, Producer, Vocalist, Performer
  • Anna Lissa Jack, Composer, Producer, Performer
  • Anthony Flawless Burns, Composer, Lyricist, AFB Records-NRW.
  • Barry Sanford McCullough, (BMI), Composer, Producer, Promoter, MacMacRecordz
  • Bernice Johnson, Model, Educator, Life Coach, LifeDevelopmnt
  • Bishop Lester E. Franklin Jr. (BMI), Composer, Performer, Producer, Pres., LeFranklin Records
  • Charlene Moore, Composer, Producer, Vocalist, Performer, Choir, Musical Director
  • Clinton Joseph Kelly Jr. (BMI) Pisment-NRW, pka Ice Dogg
  • Crystal Mapp Vales, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Vocalist Performer, CMV-NRW Records
  • Javon Brewer (BMI), pka JuuceCash, UTW.ATM.BBM.NRW
  • James Woodard pka OG Duv Mac DPG, Team FaultLine Records, Neal Reed Worldwide, Inc.
  • Jamil Ace Boogie Gleaves, Lyrical Punishment Ent Rhythm & Royalty Empire, Neal Reed Worldwide, Inc.
  • Donna Barlow (BMI), Donna Barlow Music Productions
  • Donnell David Lewis (BMI), Composer, Vocalist, Donna Barlow Music Productions
  • Droopz, Ugly9Gang Records, David Saddlemire, Neal Reed Worldwide, Inc.
  • Eric Taylor Young (BMI), TransitBay Records, YoungUpscale Records, Composer
  • Erick “Red” Bolden”, Composer, Producer, TransitBayRecords
  • Eunitee, Eunitee Franklin, Drummer, Composer, Singer-Songwriter, Producer
  • Khalil Brown, PapaDad, TeamFaultLine, Performer
  • Loonie Bos, Laderyl Gemar Neal Jr (BMI), Composer, Producer, Vocalist, President, BandBrozMuzik, Neal Reed Worldwide, Inc.
  • Lavar Boykin (BMI), pka Mystro Roc, Composer, Performer, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Lionel Randolph (BMI), Lionel Randolph Music, Guitar, Composer, Producer, Performer, NRW
  • Montana Tripp Da Boss, Neal Reed Worldwide, Inc.
  • Rodomatic, Roderick Tremaine Jones (BMI), Rapper, Singer/Songwriter, Straightmade Entertainment, Neal Reed Worldwide Inc.
  • Ronnie Run, Rapper, Composer, NealReed Worldwide Inc.
  • Shameka Barlow (BMI), Composer, Producer, Vocalist, Donna Barlow Music
  • Sylvie N’Mowet Amany, Visual Artist, Painter, Designer
  • Takethia Regina Secrease (BMI) Songwriter/Lyricist
  • TFO, Singer-songwriter, GatorBoyzMuzik
  • Vanderbilt Evans Jr, AngelicVoicesMusic (ASCAP)
  • Yung Prophecy aka Maurice Franklin, Singer-songwriter, GatorBoyzMuzik-NRW

Bishop L E Franklin, Composer, Producer, Performer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer-songwriter and President, LeFranklin Records.

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