Composer Tony Rolfe “Modena” signs with Neal Reed Artist Management

Oakland, California – January 18, 2010 — IALWC Newswire -//- Composr, guitarist, lyricist, vocalist Tony Sylvester Rolfe, also known as Tony Modena, has signed a three year artist management agreement with Neal Reed Artist Management Services. Modena composes gospel music, r&b and hip hop, effectively creating contemporary songs across multiple genres. A native of Chicago, Illinois, who makes his home in Detroit, Michigan, Modena has been composing, arranging and performing for more than a decade.

According to Neal Reed chairman Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed, “Mr. Modena composes beautifully melodic songs with lyrics that touch the heart. We look forward to releasing his catalog of over 150 songs. Mr. Modena is a prolific and expert craftsman. He plays a classic Gibson guitar, and is a serious composer dedicated to his craft.”

For additional information please contact Neal Reed Artist Management Services, 510-435-2329.

Composer Ilka Johnson signs with Neal Reed

Eddie W. Sykes Jr, Neal Reed Artists

Detroit, Michigan USA – January 14, 2010 – IALWC Newswire – Gospel lyricist, composer, vocalist and choir director Ilka Lynn Johnson has signed a three-year agency management agreement with Neal Reed Artist Management Services. Visit her blog, The Music of Ilka Johnson, for more details.

Ilka Lynn Johnson was born on March 2, 1973, to union of Mr. Willie Lee and Mrs. Barbara Jean Johnson.  Although born in Detroit, MI, Ilka spent countless summers in Ohio, where she first accepted the call to salvation and received the gift of intercession.  Ilka first heard the call to preach the gospel at the tender age of eight. Some twenty years later, at the age of twenty-eight, she accepted that annointed clarion assignment for her life. 

Since then, Ilka has been a cornerstone in the world of gospel music since 1985.  She got her musical start under the leadership of legendary gospel singer Mattie Moss-Clark.  Since that time she has directed countless choirs and lead praise teams.  She functioned as lead vocalist in the production Crazy Folks (under the direction of David Hayes) during the summer of 2008. 

Minister Ilka is the mother of two beautiful and talented children (Khaiira,  and Semaj). She is also enjoying helping train one precious, witty, genious-like grandaughter (NeKhaiia).

Ilka divides her time between teaching evangelism, writing plays, song lyrics, acting, and prophectic dance / mime.  

Minister Ilka Lynn Johnson currently attends Excellent Praise Word Center of Detroit, MI, under the leadership of Bishop Kevin J. and Pastor Diana Moore. 

According to Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed, Publisher, “God has clearly touched the life of Minister Ilka Lynn Johnson in a manner that allows her to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her gifts and talents, for the perfecting of the saints and the expansion of the Kingdom. We are pleased to have this precious opportunity to work with her and look forward to the development and publication of her sacred musical catalog.”

Eddie W. Sykes Jr., general manager of the Detroit Office of the Midwest division of Neal Reed Artist Management Services, is the key agent and personal manager to Minister Ilka Lynn Johnson. To contact Minister Johnson, please email:

Composers and Lyricists are welcome at Neal Reed Artist Management Services

Detroit, Mi – January 8, 2010 – Composers and lyricists interested in a publishing royalty agreement leading to worldwide distribution of your work, may schedule a telephone interview and listening session with Artist Management representative Eddie W. Sykes, Jr, general manager of the Midwest regional office of Neal Reed Artist Management Services.

According to Mr. Sykes, “January is an excellent time to get your new year off on the right track. I am interested in listening to your original musical compositions, if you think they have commercial potential. I can generally schedule a listening conference with any composer who has a completed project (10 or more songs), a bio and a photograph.” Interested talented composers and lyricists may contact Mr. Sykes by sending an email to, or by calling the number listed below: 313-205-3464. Artists west of the Mississippi River can, contact Mr. Sykes at the West Coast offices, at 510-435-2329.

Sykes to manage Archbishop Reed’s public appearances.

Oakland, CA, Detroit, MI – January 7, 2010 – IALWC – The Archdiocese of the International Assembly of Living Way Christians, today approved the appointment of Elder Eddie W. Sykes, Jr., of Southfield, Michigan, as manager for Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed. Requests for public appearances may be directed to the attention of Elder Sykes, and emailed to: or to Elder Eddie Sykes at